Between the years 2002 and 2014 we contacted far over 100 persons/institutions worldwide: In some cases we obtained a written feedback or direct approach to our letters.

Helpful discussions developed after presentations on international conferences or during meetings at various sites in Germany or abroad.

Presently, what remains under the bottom line?

  • The idea of ceramic encapsulation of nuclear fuel gained some short-term interest after Fukushima.
  • No serious objections were made against the applicability of SSiC as long-term barrier for HLW immobilization.
  • Some doubts still exist concerning the fabrication technology of large SSiC canisters and their mechanical stability under static and dynamic pressure in the host rock.
  • Some concern was expressed regarding the feasibility of a gas tight joining of large SSiC components.
  • The idea of an additional potting was considered generally as a positive upgrading of the concept.

All in all or nevertheless, we consider it as a positive and encouraging situation to continue our efforts.

But up to know we were not able to acquire financial support to launch further and necessary research, development and demonstration.

We are still looking for partners who share our visions.