[Silicon Carbide for Advanced Nuclear Applications]

SICANA@ is a boron-free pressure less sintered dense silicon carbide. It has been developed preferably as cladding material for nuclear fuel elements. Boron – normally used in standard SiC composition as sintering additive – was substituted for reasons of neutron economy in in-core applications and prevention of radiation damages in the SiC itself.

SICANA@ is intended to substitute the metal zircaloy, commonly applied today as cladding material of nuclear fuel, in order to avoid generation of hydrogen in the event of a loss-of-coolant-accident (LOCA).


Density: > 3.10 g/cm3
Open porosity: none
Young’s Modulus: 450 GPa
Poisson ratio: 0.21
Bending strength: 500 MPa at 20°C
600 MPa at 1500°C
Vickers hardness: 25 GPa at 5 N loads
Coefficient of linear thermal expansion: 4.5*10-6 K-1
Crystal size: < 2-5 µm

Temperature-, thermal shock-, oxidation- and corrosion resistance are very high.