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SSiC encapsulated nuclear fuel & waste

Many of the world`s nations, both industrialized and developing, believe that a broader use of nuclear energy will be required if energy security is to be achieved. On the other side, there are growing concerns about the safe operation of nuclear power plants, the consequences of accidents and the safe long-term disposal of high-radioactive waste.
Safety analyses of existing and planned nuclear power plants and the analysis of severe accidents (Fukushima) resulted in one central conclusion for the design of new nuclear energy systems:


  • Substitute metallic cladding of fuel elements by ceramic encapsulation (accident-tolerant fuel)!

  • Upgrade waste container for final disposal with a supplementary ceramic barrier!

For many reasons, the favourite ceramic material is pressureless sintered silicon carbide (SSiC).

We are looking for potential partners who are ready to share with us their expertise and resources to make the step from laboratory-scale fabrication to qualified industrial ceramics for the nuclear sector and their broad application.

Juergen Knorr Albert Kerber